Awaiting the Storm

Pismo Beach, California

Gallery: Central Coast

One of the biggest "if only" moments in quite some time...

The evening before a November storm rolled in. The sky was filled with clouds except the horizon. I had hoped the entire sky would light up. I mean, I should have been fine with it, however…

…three nights earlier, the most epic sky I’ve ever seen here lit up the world. And I was 15 minutes from capturing it. I had looked toward the coast from near the house, and it looked like it was going to sock in. So I decided not to head out to the ocean.

To me, it was an utterly massive mistake (days later I was still kicking myself). And as the heavens lit up (and one of my daughters said, “Uh, dad, you should look at the sky…”), I felt profoundly discouraged. Hands down the biggest “if only” moment in quite some time.

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