Mystic Falls

San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Hands down, one of my favorite places on earth...

When I saw a photo of this online, I knew I had to find it. At the time, knowledge of the exact location was scarce. I knew the town it was near (Ames, near Telluride), but no one described it in detail. So I went to Google Maps (which is pretty amazing for this sort of sleuthing), and found it.

Once I arrived at the creek and caught my first glimpse of the waterfall, I was utterly stunned at the spectacular, hidden majesty of it all. Definitely earns its name, because it is almost mystical due to how hard it is to find and yet how it’s seemingly in its own (magnificent) world.

This is one of the few locations I choose to keep vague in description. Yes, there’s enough info online to find it if you really want to do so. Regardless, hands down one of my favorite places on earth. Every time I was anywhere near Telluride, I carved out time to visit Mystic Falls and marvel at God’s amazing creation.

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