Pismo Stormset

Pismo Beach, california

Gallery: Central Coast

A mood after my own heart...

I love the sunlight kissing the hills beyond the pier. This was taken my first year living on the Central Coast. It was November, and yet another storm was passing through.

Funny how God works. When we were living in the Sierra Nevada, I had been wanting to head to the coast to take a “photo” tour and try to capture shots like this one. I guess God decided to give me a much longer photo tour, as He moved us here for a whole new adventure.

Not to say it was an easy move. Myriad emotions involved, many I can’t even begin to describe. But the moods of the skies here actually help me connect with my Creator, so I’m grateful for “stormsets” like this one. I feel like He’s saying, “I understand how you feel.”

Definitely a mood after my own heart.

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