Beautiful Shell Beach

Beautiful Shell Beach Shell Beach, California Gallery: Central Coast The “Oh, by the way” moment… After capturing what has turned out to be one of my personal favorite shots (“Fall Sunset at Pismo Pier“), I thought I might be able to maybe get an okay shot on the other side of the pier as the […]

Nojoqui Falls

Nojoqui Falls Santa Ynez Mountains, California Gallery: Central Coast Hidden Joy It’s not always the powerful, crushing waterfalls that catch one’s attention. Sometimes the not-so-well-known gems tucked away off the beaten path can be quite endearing. An easy hike to a picturesque waterfall off the 101 near Solvang. Be warned: the ground cover along the […]

Storm Clouds over Big Baldy

Storm Clouds over Big Baldy Arroyo Grande, California Gallery: Central Coast One of the rarest sights in Arroyo Grande… The crazy storms of 2023 have made for some wild weather, which of course leads to some amazing landscape scenes. To see snow on Tar Springs Ridge is a wonderful sight to behold. This whole vista, […]

Sunset at Lake Reflection

Sunset at Lake Reflection Pismo Beach, California Gallery: Kings Canyon and Vicinity Quite possibly my favorite mountain lake… When I was “in my prime” as the saying goes, I beheld this lake on a long backpacking trip. I recall the reflection being so amazing. Lake Reflection definitely earns its name! I had always wanted to […]

Pismo Creek

Pismo Creek Pismo Beach, California Gallery: Central Coast And then this happened… Honestly, I was just taking a quick trip to Pismo after work to check out the creek. I hadn’t been to this spot since moving here and wondered what it would look like the day after a storm. And then this happened. I […]

Serra Chapel Storm Clouds

Serra Chapel Storm Clouds Shandon, California Gallery: Central Coast I didn’t realize it was actually a chapel… We were driving down the highway near Shandon, California, and I looked up briefly and saw a building that looked like an old mission high up on a hilltop. The sky was blue-gray with storm clouds, but the […]

Mystic Falls

Mystic Falls San Juan Mountains, Colorado Gallery: San Juan Mountains (West) Hands down, one of my favorite places on earth… When I saw a photo of this online, I knew I had to find it. At the time, knowledge of the exact location was scarce. I knew the town it was near (Ames, near Telluride), […]

Boulder Brook Cascade

Boulder Brook Cascade FRONT Range, Colorado Gallery: Rocky Mountain National Park Pretty much in heaven… Hands down, my favorite trees are aspens. Add a peaceful brook when the leaves are scattered throughout the forest, and I’m pretty much in heaven… Interested in buying this image? I “sell” my prints by a unique donation system. If […]

Boulder Brook

Boulder Brook FRONT Range, Colorado Gallery: Rocky Mountain National Park Sublimity… There is something magical about the sublime peace of an unassuming brook that whispers softly through theĀ  silent grace of a forgotten aspen forest. Interested in buying this image? I “sell” my prints by a unique donation system. If you’d like this print (for […]

Alberta Falls

Alberta Falls FRONT Range, Colorado Gallery: Rocky Mountain National Park My better 90%… A beautiful waterfall in a beautiful place. One of my personal favorites. No crazy story behind it, although it’s a great opportunity to honor my wife, Jessie. I took this photo on one of my numerous solo photo trips out in God’s […]