Grenadier Horizon

San Juan Mountains, Colorado

I was definitely NOT expecting this...

One year in my exploration of the San Juan Mountains, I was in search of Porphyry Basin and the waterfall that seemingly springs forth from a cliff. Found the rugged, narrow, and steep dirt road that led there. It was an exquisite basin!

But this particular shot was a complete surprise, the vantage point found right along the dirt road near the basin itself. I looked across the ridges as I was driving to the basin to spend the night and saw the Grenadier Range rising up into the last touches of the setting sun.


It was one of the most breathtaking sights I’ve ever seen, with no other soul as far as the eye could see, just me and my Creator enjoying the view. One of my most cherished personal favorites ever.

I was definitely not expecting this!

Jeremiah 13:3

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